International Music

The Kilks - Tributos a Grandes Bandas

Album: Tributos a Grandes Bandas 
Artist: The Kilks
BMCD: 001
Songs: 15
Format: MP3
Label: Blue Music
Description: One of the best rock groups of Paraguay presenting an album of covers doing tribute to the best rock bands of the word. Recorded by the new label Blue Music in October 2013.

Palito Miranda & Tico Da Costa - Con sabor a Brasil

Artist: Palito Miranda - Tico Da Costa
Album: Con sabor a Brasil
BCCD: 5132
Tracks: 15
Format: MP3
Description: Paraguayan saxophonist Palito Miranda and brazilian singer-sonngwriter Tico Da Costa, are together in this CD playing the most known classical songs of Brazil.

Myriam y Eduardo - Chamamé de mis amores

Artista: Myriam y Eduardo
Disco: Chamamé de mis amores
BCCD: 888
Temas: 12
Formato: MP3-192Kps
Descripción: Myriam y Eduardo duet sings classical chamame songs, with a unique style in voices and instrumentation

Chamame de Mis Amores Vol.1

Artist: Various
Album: Chamame de Mis Amores Vol.1
BCCD: 5068
Tracks: 12
Format: MP3

Asunción Blues - Música Retro

Artist: Asunción Blues
Album: Musicas Retro
BCCD: 5230
Tracks: 2 CD - 31 Tracks
Format: MP3
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