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Colección Emiliano Re

A compilation with the very best songs written by famous paraguayan poet Emiliano R. Fernández.

Various artists perform the most popular of the many songs legated by "the great Emiliano".

Los Ojeda - Con sabor a campo

Los Ojeda ´´Con sabor a campo´´

Perfil - El Show

First album of the band conformed in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), in 2002. Four voices that combine folklorical and international songs of great vocal and instrumental versatility.

Symphonic poem "Ñane retã Paraguay"

Musician Palito Miranda and a Great Orchestra plays this music tale for chorus and orchestra, which narrates from the discovery of Paraguay to present Bicentennial Celebration.

Majoma - Homenaje a la Patria

A tribute to the Paraguayan Nation on its Bicentennial of Independence.

200 years of history in which the greatest paraguayan poets and songwriters, with inspired wisdom, captured every historical in verses and chords, describing with emotion each event of the Guarani history to stimulate the pride of being Paraguayan.

Maria Jose Maldonado Gomez, "Majoma", began his contact with music at the tender age of 3 years old. At age 6 he started her singing, music theory, organ and piano studies, with the most recognized masters of Paraguay.

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